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On Wednesday, Jan. 21, President Joe Biden issued a series of executive orders in an attempt to bring the nation back to a sense of normalcy. One of these orders involved dissolving former President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commision, revitalizing the debate on how history should be taught in U.S school systems.

Battle for history

Shelby Brunson, Editor-in-Chief
February 22, 2021
On Jan. 6 Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in protest of the certification of the electoral votes.

Hypocrisy in this Democracy

Shelby Brunson, Editor-in-Chief
February 1, 2021
Katie Turkelson’s Yearbook class watched the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Jan. 20, 2021. Allowing students to become involved with this monumental event reflects the importance of American values and the idea that all citizens are permitted to have and express their personal opinion. “I feel that Biden's speech benefits Americans who want to see a change in this country, especially coming from him,” senior Isaac Abdelmessih said. “Personally speaking, I did not agree or stand with Joe Biden this past election season; however, I think his speech went smooth and he addressed the points he wanted to. I know that his supporters most likely valued his speech and saw it as a difference maker in this country that some saw as becoming hateful and derogatory towards others.”

Inauguration day 2021

Makayla Martindale, Staff Reporter
January 30, 2021
On Dec. 25th, Wonder Woman: 1984, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig, was released. It debuted in theaters and became included in an HBO Max subscription.

So let’s talk about WW84

Avery Ranum, Staff Reporter
January 26, 2021
Jan. 6, 2021 was a historic day in American history, as a pro-Trump protest at the Capitol, while the Senate was in session to certify Electoral Votes for President-elect Joe Biden, escalated and became destructive. In light of these tragic events, people of faith around the United States were called upon to pray over the unity of the country and safety of those involved.

Prayer amid protest

Makayla Martindale, Staff Reporter
January 26, 2021

Jeremy Llorens: costume master

Faith Shimick, Staff Reporter
January 17, 2021
Former President Donald Trump gives a speech to workers at a manufacturing plant in Mich. after signing the United States- Mexico- Canada Agreement, a replacement for NAFTA. Although most of his speeches do not result in violence, Trump draws people in with his words, and taking advantage of that could lead to violence, like on Jan. 6.
provided by the Trump Administration

The danger of powerful speech

Faith Shimick, Staff Reporter
January 15, 2021
In Katherine Turkelson's 4th period Newspaper class, Seminole Connect students  log in to class with cameras on in response to new policies .

New connect policies

Brooke Holland, Features Editor
January 12, 2021
Loaded words are commonly found in today's media, it can be a dangerous manipulator to the minds of readers.

Loaded language in the media

Julia Hubbell, Staff Reporter
January 10, 2021
During 4th period, sophomore Cassidy Howard sits in her Accounting 1 class through Seminole Connect, her camera, along with the rest of the students, off. During the 2nd semester, this will not be allowed.

Cameras on, distractions off

Avery Ranum, Staff Reporter
January 1, 2021
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