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Softball traditions

April 18, 2020

On Feb. 27, students Andres Garcia (left) and Luis Rivera (right), work on gluing their magazine pieces down after sketching out their photo.  “What I like about this project is how we build the picture bottom to top, piece by piece,” Garcia said.

Collage Art 1

March 15, 2020

Students gathered at Camp Wewa, because of English teacher Peggy Leis, showed unity and their love for one another. “Camp let me be me and talk about how I felt,” freshman Chris Gillon said. “It built a trust between people and I that I never thought would happen.”

Camp Wewa

March 9, 2020

Junior Michael Marukuni looks through the new curriculum guide for the upcoming school year, debating which electives to select.

An effective system

March 1, 2020

Students in Peggy Leis’s 7th period English Honors class prepare for community circle.  “It gives me great feedback about what their learning and also what their needs are,” Leis said. “It gives me an idea of how I can reach them better”.

English community circle

February 17, 2020

Building Five breakdown

September 23, 2019

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