Making “spirits” bright: a Corley tradition

Photo provided by: Makayla Martindale
In spite of many cancelled Halloween festivities due to COVID-19, Corley’s family still found ways to show holiday spirit. They continued their tradition of setting up a large display of Halloween decorations. “We love the holidays and it’s something fun to do each year,” Corley said. “Plus, seeing how excited the kids get at the decorations and candy is a good feeling as well.”

Makayla Martindale, Staff Reporter

For many years, junior Brianna Corley and her family have set up elaborate displays in their front yard to celebrate the holidays and spread joy, and have continued this annual tradition more than ever in this unprecedented time. These decorations have drawn in a large crowd from all over the area that wish to share their enthusiasm for Halloween and Christmas. The displays contain a variation of lights, decorations, and a radio station that syncs the light show to mimic the beat of the music. This is a tradition that the Corley family has participated in for many years and it continues to grow each year.