Limited in size, but not in spirit

Photo provided by: Faith Shimick
Band director Brad Wharton stands in front of the band as they perform a cadence. Wharton spent a lot of time leading up to the first game making sure it was safe for band members to perform.

Faith Shimick, Staff Reporter

Due to the CDC’s safety guidelines concerning the maximum number of people that can attend an event at once, football games are now limited in attendance. While the immediate thoughts about the impact of this decision are in regards to the student section, the band, dance and cheer teams have also been reduced. This year, the games were optional for the band, yet many students still chose to sign up for the pep band. From anywhere in the stadium, band members seemed to have fun at the first game on Sept.  25 against Lyman, playing and cheering the whole time. The game resulted in a 55-37 win for Brantley. Normally after a win, football players rush up into the band stands to dance to a cadence with them. This year, the players stayed on the field to maintain social distancing, but celebrated the same way.