Homecoming Hallways


Photo provided by: Avery Ranum

The class of 2023 participated in the homecoming hallway decorations with their toy story themed hallway in downstairs building 6. The hallway ended up winning 3rd place. “We drew and traced characters, painted the drawings, measured out space in the hallway, and prepared extra materials” Lacarte said. “It was truly a team effort”.

Avery Ranum, Staff Reporter

Homecoming week began on Nov. 2, though there was no dance to look forward to at the end of the week like previous years, homecoming decorations were still found throughout campus keeping school spirit high. The most noticeable for some students being the hallway decorations. 

The halls were to be decorated according to the theme “Out of this World.” It was a battle of the classes: the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all competing to make their hallway look the best. 

“Our class officers wanted to choose a theme that the students could relate to, one that would bring back good memories,” class of 2023 co-sponsor Britney Lacarte said. “To go along with the theme, the sophomore class officers chose ‘Toy Story’ as our class theme. We highlighted Buzz Lightyear and the aliens from the claw machine. Even Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head were wearing Buzz Lightyear costumes.”

Many students were greeted with the decorations on their way to class, which was quite a surprise to some. The busier a hallway was, the more appreciated it was. 

“I have dance and Latin in that hallway [“Toy Story” themed hall] so when I walked in, I was not expecting it to be decorated,” sophomore Bella Gannam said. “I do really like the hallway. It is super cute and original.”

As good as all the hallways turned out, the decorating process did not come without its challenges. Most halls were decorated from top to bottom, leaving the difficult task of getting the paper to stick to the wall. 

“There were points that the officers had to do some cheerleading stunts to get the paper to stay on the wall,” Lacarte said. “Some of our paper fell down before the Monday morning of homecoming weekend.”

At the end of the week, the winners were announced. The seniors won first place for their “Space Buddies” themed hallway, the juniors took home second place with their “Star Wars” theme, and the sophomores received third place for their “Toy Story” themed hall. 

“I am beyond proud of the hard work that the officers, and a few friends, put in to make the entire project come together,” Lacarte said. “We’ll be back with bigger and better ideas next year.”