Jeremy Llorens: costume master


Photo provided by: Jeremy Llorens, Faith Shimick, Anna Statton

“I want to look weird,” Llorens said. “I want people judging me. I want the attention. I want them to see me like ‘look at me’. Does it look like I care what you think about? Nah, cause I look amazing.” Created by: Faith Shimick

Faith Shimick, Staff Reporter

On any given school spirit day, there are always a handful of students dressed reasonably, and there is always that one student that goes way over the top. Nine times out of ten, that studentis junior Jeremy Llorens.

His tradition of going all out in spirit days started in middle school, and has continued with almost every spirit day since. He tends to stick closely to the themes for homecoming, but in Winter Week, he takes artistic liberties. 

“I moved here in eighth grade and when I first came to the middle school Milwee, there was a spirit week and nobody knew who I was,” Llorens said. “The first day of school I dressed up in all green and wore a green mustache, a green fedora. People did not know me, but after that they did know me.”

The reactions he gets are just part of the experience for him. Although people are somewhat used to it now, there are still some who are surprised. 

“I’m not boring,” Llorens said. “I like to see peoples’ face expressions when they think it’s just a normal day and then they see a kid dressed up as like a crab or wearing a whole white suit.”

 Although he has donned a lot of costumes, his friends rarely have a problem picking a favorite. Sophomore Nolan Phillips’s favorite was Llorens’s pig costume this Halloween because he dressed up as well. Junior Marco Aguero-Colon’s favorite is a bit more recent. 

“My favorite was definitely his all white tux outfit last week for the all white spirit day,” Aguero-Colon said. “It was so out of nowhere that he busts out a plain white tuxedo and a hat and all of it was just hilarious.”

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Llorens’s enthusiasm for costumes draws people in, whether it be as friends or to dress up with him. Aguero-Colon and Phillips joined in for Halloween this year.

“It was really fun, if we all have a good idea it works out pretty well,” Aguero-Colon said. “For example, for Halloween we dressed up as Chicken Little, the pig, and the fish from the movie. It was the most fun I’ve had wearing a costume.”

Llorens’s spirit for dress up weeks is evident in everything he does. In all of his activities, he can be found helping out or making friends out of strangers, always with a smile on his face. 

“Jeremy’s enthusiastic about a lot,” Phillips said. “Jeremy always tried his best and goes for everything he does, whether it be his costume or everyday things.”