Prayer amid protest


Photo provided by: Creative Commons

Jan. 6, 2021 was a historic day in American history, as a pro-Trump protest at the Capitol, while the Senate was in session to certify Electoral Votes for President-elect Joe Biden, escalated and became destructive. In light of these tragic events, people of faith around the United States were called upon to pray over the unity of the country and safety of those involved.

Makayla Martindale, Staff Reporter

The start of 2021 expected to bring a new wave of hope after the disheartening events of 2020, but many were let down after the incident that took place at Capitol Hill. On Jan. 6, 2021 the Senate was in session to confirm the Electoral Votes to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. This brought protestors to D.C. and the Capitol to support President Donald Trump and push Republican Senators to deny the results of the Electoral College at the “Stop the Steal” rally. As the number of participants grew at the Capitol, a group of Trump supporters violently breached the Senate Chamber by forcing through the line of Capitol Officers, shattering windows, damaging furniture, and breaking through doors.  

Unaware of how quickly the situation would escalate, numerous people, including children and families, planned to attend the rally. When the protest turned violent many people of faith, both at the Capitol and around the world, were prompted to pray for the safety and wellbeing of the nation.

Religious leaders, both in support and opposition to President Trump, also spoke out across the United States about the transgression at the Capitol and offered prayers and advice to those involved. J.D. Greear, Southern Baptist Convention president, publicly expressed his decry towards the actions of those who stormed the Capitol, explained his belief that it is Christian duty to submit to a peaceful transfer of government power, and prayed for safety and unification over the United States and its people.

Democrats and Republicans, alike, were appalled with the violence and destruction at the Capitol and have condemned the actions of those involved.  The news coverage and resulting pictures and videos from these events at the Capitol building will not soon be forgotten, but the lasting impression, for many in attendance on that day, will be a time they spent in prayer along with fellow Americans, asking for peace and unity.