Sams squared


Photo provided by: Avery Ranum

Morgan Sams stands outside of her classroom, room 8-226. She is the newest teacher to campus and building 8.

Avery Ranum, Staff Reporter

Morgan Sams is the newest addition to the teaching staff, starting off her first year as a math teacher. This former college basketball player, travel lover and chocolate ice cream enjoyer can be found in building 8, either in her own classroom or helping out fellow math teacher Michelle Bettger. 

Sams is a Lake Brantley High School alumna, graduating as a part of the class of 2015. She attended the University of West Alabama, where she received a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in Sport Management and Communications. Although she did not go to college for teaching, she still found her way back into the classroom. 

“It feels different being back because I am on the other side of things being a teacher instead of a student,” Sams said. “While I was here, I was a four year varsity basketball player and also on the track team. I was a part of Sunshine Club, Peer Counseling and the Institute of Finance.”

However, Sams is not the only Sams on campus. Her mother, Mary Sams, is the Peer Counseling teacher and sponsor of the Sunshine Club. 

“Having my mom as a fellow teacher has honestly been such a big help,” Sams said. “She’s been there when I have questions and is always willing to help me. We also have gotten to spend a lot more time together which I am thankful for.”

With support and guidance from administration, Sams has had a successful start teaching  on campus. The right teacher can have a big impact on their students, and Sams has made that her intent. 

“My goals as a teacher are to help my students succeed,” Sams said. “If they struggle with math, I want to encourage and motivate them to work hard and never give up. Also inspiring them to get 1% better everyday in life. I want to prepare them for their next steps and encourage them that they can do anything they set their mind to.”