I Love, You Hate


Photo provided by: Faith Shimick & Grace Stoker

In today’s modern era, there are many splitting issues. We won’t be discussing politics, but more important topics like the Beatles and whether or not to bite cheese sticks. Between the two of us, the things we cover we hold strong opinions on. One of us loves it, while the other hates. Episodes will feature a non-partial party who, by the end of the episode, will hopefully lean towards one side. We start with a fact-based overview of the episode’s feature, and then make our cases. Our non-partial party will discuss with us, and declare a side.

Faith Shimick and Grace Stoker

Welcome to “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello”. Today’s discussion centers around the Beatles. Not to spoil or anything, but this episode features Grace Stoker on the love side, and Faith Shimick on the hate. Today’s guest is Julia Moon, who’s never heard of Beatle-Mania, much less been a part of it. Grace and Faith establish sides, and introduce Julia to the Beatles. We regroup for an evaluation, and find out who’s convinced Julia.