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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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Ep.04- Melanie Martinez’s “Portals” Ft. Lavender Long

Ep.04- Melanie Martinez’s “Portals” Ft. Lavender Long

Marcela Maya Escalona, Section Editor April 18, 2023

In this episode, Marcy discusses singer/songwriter Melanie Martinez’s new album “Portals” with senior Lavender Long, which has recently been subjected to both an immense amount of both positive and...

Battle of the breakfast

Battle of the breakfast

Abby Roberson and Trinidy Kev February 16, 2023

In this episode, seniors Abby Roberson and Trinidy Kev answer the ultimate question: which fast food breakfast is the best. They sit down with junior Ila Chenet and senior Avery Ranum, two fellow food...

This podcast covers and discusses events happening in the music industry. From drama between famous artists to thoughts about released albums and songs, there is a wide range of topics being talked about. Hosting the podcast will be senior Marcela Maya who has always been passionate about music and is always listening to music, no matter the genre.

Slipknot’s ‘The End, So Far’ and the comeback of vinyls & CDs

Marcela Maya Escalona, Section Editor November 18, 2022

In this episode Marcy discusses with junior Graham Froemming about Slipknot’s new album ‘The End, So Far’, which has received mixed criticism from “hard-core” fans that claim that the band has...

Junior Annaliese Long and senior Trinidy Kev come together to discuss social issues with peers of the community. Topics range from local dilemmas to worldwide concerns.

The AT room: womens’ safety

Trinidy Kev and Annaliese Long October 17, 2022

Junior Annaliese Long and senior Trinidy Kev discuss their opinions on womens' safety regarding the local woman who got attached in the Wekiva Area while on a nightly jog, just over two miles from campus.

Disappearing Frogs pt. 1

Disappearing Frogs pt. 1

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor January 31, 2022

Julia Hubbell and I finish out the last two questions with our life stories and the abilities we want but will never have. Think wistful. Be surrounded by weeping willows and swans and an old man on a...

Disappearing Frogs pt .66

Disappearing Frogs pt .66

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor October 19, 2021

Julia and I discuss the next few questions, and yet, don't finish. But boy, we're having a great time.

Harry Styles: JAM Sesh

Harry Styles: JAM Sesh

Listen as Julia, Avery and Makayla chat with special guest Annaliese Long after seeing Harry Styles: Love on Tour. From fashion to favorite songs, these girls have a lot to discuss. Follow along to see...

This podcast covers a wide range of topics about spirituality. Such as zodiacs, meditation, crystals, and the depth behind auras or energies. Hosting the podcast will be sophomores Marcela(Marcy) Maya and Ashley Weston, who will talk about the science and research behind different spiritual practices and topics. The podcast will have insights into the basics of deeper explanations behind the topics. If a topic or question comes to mind then you can send it in and we’ll do the research to give the best answer and explanation we can!

Celestial Escape: Zodiac Signs and Charts

Marcela Maya and Ashley Weston October 19, 2021

In this episode, hosts Ashely Weston and Marcela Maya interview juniors Claudia Lerner and Lily Johnston about Zodiac Signs and their Charts. They touch on topics such as what each zodiac sign is and what...

In today’s modern era, there are many splitting issues. We won’t be discussing politics, but more important topics like the Beatles and whether or not to bite cheese sticks. Between the two of us, the things we cover we hold strong opinions on. One of us loves it, while the other hates. Episodes will feature a non-partial party who, by the end of the episode, will hopefully lean towards one side. We start with a fact-based overview of the episode’s feature, and then make our cases. Our non-partial party will discuss with us, and declare a side.

I Love, You Hate

Faith Shimick and Grace Stoker March 29, 2021

Welcome to "You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello". Today's discussion centers around the Beatles. Not to spoil or anything, but this episode features Grace Stoker on the love side, and Faith Shimick on the...

Joe Rogan recently had his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, featured on Spotify. This new inclusion to Spotify was due to a deal signed by Joe that moved his podcast from YouTube to Spotify as of early September.

Joe Rogan’s multi-million-dollar deal with Spotify.

Kaiden Bittinger, Staff Reporter October 14, 2020

A podcast featuring some of the United States’ most valued celebrities, notable scientists, and even comedians, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) does not shy away from covering any and all topics. Original...

Weird Tasting Foods is a podcast were three friends try obscure, wacky foods. From sour patch kids cereal to possible crickets there is nothing too crazy for W.T.F.

W.T.F: Strawberry Kit-Kat’s

Angelina Jonkaitis, Julia Moon, and Brooke Holland April 28, 2020

In their second episode of Weird Tasting Foods, junior Angelina Jonkaitis and sophomores Julia Moon and Brooke Holland try strawberry Kit-Kats.

Joelle Wittig and Anisa Vasquez host the podcast J & As Q & A. This podcasts features different guests points of view on many different works of music, art and theater.

J and A’s Q&A Episode 2: “Aladdin” Show Review

Joelle Wittig and Anisa Velazquez March 9, 2020

Joelle and Anisa discussed Aladdin the Musical at the Dr. Phillips Center with Drama student Brooke Holland! They explored from the actors to the set, in true Q&A fashion.

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