Joe Rogan’s multi-million-dollar deal with Spotify.


Photo provided by: Kaiden Bittinger

Joe Rogan recently had his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, featured on Spotify. This new inclusion to Spotify was due to a deal signed by Joe that moved his podcast from YouTube to Spotify as of early September.

Kaiden Bittinger, Staff Reporter

A podcast featuring some of the United States’ most valued celebrities, notable scientists, and even comedians, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) does not shy away from covering any and all topics. Original host of “Fear Factor”, UFC commentator, former UFC post-fight interviewer, and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan hosts the most listened-to podcast in the United States, according to Edison Research. Hoping to increase stock and bring more users to Spotify, a hundred million dollar deal was signed with Joe Rogan to exclusively feature his podcast on their platform. As the most recognizable podcast in the United States, there is no doubt that the Joe Rogan Experience sets itself above the rest.

Unlike many other podcasts, Rogan features guests from all walks of life: scientists, celebrities, comedians, and political figures. Some notable guests on his show have been Neil DeGrasse Tyson, David Blaine, and Joey Diaz. One reason I think the JRE is exceptionally unique are the wide range of topics gone over in the podcast. Joe and his guests discuss things from UFO reports, psychology, politics, comedy, or drug use.

Having been a listener for about a year now, the JRE has easily become my favorite podcast. I enjoy the variety of guests because it provides me with many different topics to indulge in. If I want to listen to an episode that is more lighthearted and comical, I can listen to one with a fellow comedian or someone like Post Malone. Or, I can listen to a more intellectual conversation that he has with scientists or political figures, such as Jonathan Haidt or Jordan Peterson. His podcast offers a lot to the common listener, even including highlights of his episodes on a YouTube account, JRE Clips. I find his podcast best to listen to on long car rides, or during a workout. Because of this, I think the move to Spotify is great for all his viewers because I can keep my phone closed while still playing the episode.

Rogan has been using YouTube as a platform to share clips and full episodes of his podcast. Before the end of the year, his podcast will be exclusively featured on Spotify. Knowing how well Rogan’s podcast does, this move should be great for Spotify, as his large fan base should bring more users to the platform. A benefit of the podcast being on Spotify, rather than YouTube, is the greater accessibility. Using a different platform for the podcast enables listeners to play the podcast on the go, without having to keep the screen open like they had to use YouTube.

After the signing with Joe, other platforms are sure to respond with deals of their own in an attempt to maintain competition. Deals such as this are game changers in the world of social media, and hopefully we will see more changes to the norm such as this in the future. Until then, business for Spotify and viewership for Joe’s podcast are sure to go up.