Celestial Escape: Zodiac Signs and Charts


Photo provided by: Ashley Weston

This podcast covers a wide range of topics about spirituality. Such as zodiacs, meditation, crystals, and the depth behind auras or energies. Hosting the podcast will be sophomores Marcela(Marcy) Maya and Ashley Weston, who will talk about the science and research behind different spiritual practices and topics. The podcast will have insights into the basics of deeper explanations behind the topics. If a topic or question comes to mind then you can send it in and we’ll do the research to give the best answer and explanation we can!

Marcela Maya and Ashley Weston

In this episode, hosts Ashely Weston and Marcela Maya interview juniors Claudia Lerner and Lily Johnston about Zodiac Signs and their Charts. They touch on topics such as what each zodiac sign is and what it represents, as well as what the ‘Big Six’ are in astrology. Claudia and Lily talk to the hosts about their charts and how it connects to their personalities and characteristics based on their signs.