Biology has a physical change


Photo provided by: Allison Baker

Students in Laura D’Ambrosio’s biology class doing their classwork while socially distancing.

Allison Baker, Journalism 1 Reporter

There have been a lot of changes this school year, but biology classes specifically have had to go through a lot of changes due to COVID-19. In the past the class had been known for getting students engaged and interactive with their learning but it has had to be modified. 

Unfortunately, we do not do any station rotations anymore,” biology teacher Katherine Seger said. “That was always a favorite activity of mine for them to do. We still do labs, however, there have been fewer regular labs and more virtual labs to be fair and equitable to the Seminole Connect students. I have also done more demo labs than pre COVID-19.” 

 Biology class last year was one where  students were able to do interactive labs and work with each other often. 

“For labs we would often work at our tables of four, and for assignments we were usually able to work with at least one partner to get it done,” sophomore Avery Ranum said. 

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Students in biology this year are not getting the same experience as past years and it is overall just a lot more structured especially when it comes to labs.

“Well we are not able to do labs very often but when we do the teacher usually has everything ready for us when we get in the classroom so everyone is not touching everything and then once we finish, we all clean or throw away our own materials,”  freshman Aaliyah Rodriguez said. 

The class has gone from being one that was very interactive where  students were always moving, to one where work is now done alone in their seats and on the computer.  

The biggest change has been the amount of interaction allowed between students,” . Seger said. “They are still encouraged to work together, but with the people next to, behind, or in front of them. They are not seated in collaborative groups anymore so there is less collaborative work and more independent work. We also submit everything online through eCampus now.”