Latinos In Action


Photo provided by: Marcela Maya

Marcela Maya, Staff Reporter

Latinos In Action (LIA) is one of several leadership classes in which Latino students are able to grow as leaders and prepare themselves for what the future awaits for them after high school. In class, they plan what events and activities they will be doing to help the community. 

“Latinos In Action is my family,” senior Karla Gonzales said, “[it] is a program that basically focuses on empowering youth to lead and strengthen themselves through college and career readiness.” 

Handpicked by club sponsor Daianna Pagan, LIA students are held at a higher standard and must meet certain requirements to be eligible for acceptance. At the moment, the county wants the focus to be ESOL students since a majority of them are Latinos.

“We want students who are excelling, students who are emerging, and students who are intermediate in all domains, not only language, but also behavior, leadership, and whatnot,” Pagan said. 

Many members of LIA are passionate about becoming great leaders in the future and are excited to be able to pass important values on to their peers and community.

“I’m trying to achieve my leadership and I want to try and prove myself,” freshman Victoria Cardenas said. “I want to be there for my society and I want to be a positive influence in my community and this is a great opportunity for me to show that.”

LIA helps the community by hosting many activities and events such as fundraisers, donations, community service and even helping out staff at school. 

“We will be working with the community out there, and the kids have to come up with their own ideas, whether they are serving animal shelters or different groups of needs,” Pagan said.  “We will also have projects in the school such as helping the school with anything that needs to be done; whether it’s cleaning up the school or helping out in the school pantry, whatever they need us for.”

This course provides many opportunities for Latino students to connect with their non-Latino peers. 

“I enjoy being in Latinos In Action because I get to express myself,” senior Layla Mendoza said. “I get to make mistakes, and understand where my mistakes came from and how I can improve on them, along with collaborating with everybody else.”