Boys basketball: big wins, big support


Photo provided by: @brantleyboys on Instagram

On Dec. 10th, the boy’s basketball teams traveled to Lake Mary High School to face the Rams. The Patriots won big against their ultimate rivals, the game ending with a score of 66-57. “I absolutely loved the turnout that we had at Lake Mary with Cuff’s Crew representing,” Cuff said. “That win was very intense. A very good high School game and atmosphere”.

Avery Ranum, Features Editor

Packed stands, coordinated themes, the crowd going absolutely wild after every play: these seem to be the typical attributes of a varsity football game. But that was three months ago, and now, that same energy has carried on into the boys varsity basketball season, as they have taken the spotlight as the school’s go-to sport. 

Impressively, the boys basketball games have been receiving steady fan support, largely brought about through social media promotion. Instagram accounts such as @brantleyboys and @LBHSStudentSection, which were largely used for communication during football season, have shifted their focus to this winter sport. Other new accounts have also sprouted in reaction to the basketball season, including the Instagram account @cuffs.crew. 

“Instagram has really picked up this year,” varsity head coach Mike Cuff said. “The LBHS student section and Cuff’s Crew has been awesome. The boys love playing in front of our crowd and they definitely don’t want to let them down.” 

Perhaps one of the most notable of the fan groups is the self-titled group, “rawfense” that was formed within the team itself. This group consists of teammates seniors Jack Klinger, Damian Bing, Dennis Widener and junior Eric Vandendressiche. 

“Rawfense started as a group of four guys that travel to away games listening to some sweet tunes such as Weezer,” Vandendressiche said. “ ‘Rawfense’ soon became a great talking point in the school and even other schools. It is great because, currently, ‘rawfense’ is undefeated which means in the games we rode to together, we have not lost, so fans are cheering on the ‘rawfense’ streak. We also take a ‘rawfense’ picture on every court the ‘rawfense’ court wins on.” 

Coupled with the overpowering fan support, the team itself has been dominating the season. The Patriots went on a nine-game winning streak and beat their rival school, Lake Mary, twice. 

“I think the bond that we have as a team contributes the most to the success,” Widener said. “I feel we have been able to bond because of the friendships that we have around the team.” 

Perhaps one of the biggest achievements of the team so far this season, was their defeat of Mount Dora Christian Academy, a school that had gone undefeated all season until their game against the Patriots on Jan. 4. The game ended with a close score of 63-61. 

“Always a thrill to go on the road and play an undefeated team and beat them,” Cuff said. “The boys definitely enjoyed that win.” 

With playoff games starting in a few weeks, it is safe to say that the overwhelming fan support will continue. 

“Just want to emphasize that LB Hoops appreciates the support we have been getting this year,” Cuff said. “We are very thankful.”