Taking on states: theater and band


Photo provided by: Jenn Mason

Students from both band and theater received the opportunity to compete at state level Solo and Ensemble and, in doing so, had the ability to display their talent for fellow thespians and judges alike. “The Troupe was there because everyone was a part of their own individual event or was a part of a group performance,” senior Marco Aguero-Colon said. “These can include everything from scenes to songs to choreo numbers that are put together by us that we present in front of judges to be adjudicated.”

Makayla Martindale, Sports Editor

Chasing the melodic tones of Mozart and the theatrical brilliance of Broadway, select students from Troupe 2888 and band were chosen to compete at the state level. In a four-day long convention, from Mar. 16 to 19, eleven members of the Troupe competed at the Tampa Convention Center, performing everything from solo musicals to student choreography.

After being judged at the district competition on a scale ranging from Poor to Superior, Troupe 2888 received six Superiors and had the opportunity to send the performances to states. Additionally, the majority of band students received Superior ratings.

“After finding out which events got Superiors, our troupe brought six to compete with,” senior Jenn Mason said. “I brought a solo musical. We also brought another solo musical, a duet musical, a duet acting scene, a small group musical and a student choreography. Throughout the days of the festival, we all competed in our individual events, but in the beginning of the festival, there is an opening ceremony and a concert afterwards. Each night, there are various mainstage productions each troupe can see. On the final night, there is a closing ceremony that wraps the festival up.”

As well as having the opportunity to compete in states, the convention also offered workshops for the students to continue to develop their skills.

“My time at states was so much fun,” Mason said. “Not only did I get to perform events, I also got to learn from a bunch of diverse workshops. These workshops were also super fun and I got to meet new people.”

In addition to the State Solo and Ensemble that Troupe 2888 participated in, students in band who attended their district Solo and Ensemble and performed a Grade five piece or above, as well as receiving Superiors, also moved onto state Solo and Ensemble.

“State Solo and Ensemble is an experience that I am proud to participate in because I work very hard to prepare a solo each year and I love getting to play for distinguished judges and college professors,” junior Delaney Wharton said. “I also love receiving helpful feedback that improves my playing for the next solo that I bring to state. This year, I played a Beethoven sonata that is a very lyrical piece, and I feel that the performance went well.”

The opportunity to participate in state Solo and Ensemble, while nostalgic for seniors as it begins the end of their final performance season, allows all students in band and theater alike to push themselves toward their artistic goals.

“As a senior, I would say my experience with State Solo and Ensemble is a clear example of how when you put hard work in, you are able to achieve every goal you set for yourself,” senior Tyler Eichner said. “I have always had an amazing time performing, but especially this year, as it is truly something I love to do.”