Student section shows out


Photo provided by: Avery Ranum

The girls varsity volleyball team took on rivals, Lake Mary High School, with overwhelming support from the student section on Aug. 30. “I’m grateful they like to come watch us ball out,” senior Avery Demetree said. “They can also be intimidating to the other team, which is really beneficial and helps us win.”

Julia Hubbell and Makayla Martindale

On Aug. 30, the varsity girls volleyball team took on Lake Mary High School. In a game that stretched to five sets and a final score in the fifth set of 16-14, the girls secured the win in a high-stakes rivalry game. 

Although the team pulled through with the victory, the score was close the entire game. After winning the first set, the Patriots then lost the next two, making the following sets essential for their success.

“Honestly, I was feeling a little stressed,” senior Seth Basinger said. “Those down-to-the-wire games are always scary, but I knew we had it in the bag.”

As the first home game of the season, the student section was buzzing with excitement. The crowd brought energy and school spirit, attending the game in pajamas in accordance with the theme.

“I hype up the student section by staying loud and getting everyone into cheers,” Basinger said. “I look forward to bringing that same level of energy every game.”

The high spirits and deep camaraderie shared between the student section shows a great appreciation for the team, the game and the atmosphere.

“I attend the volleyball games to have a good time with my friends in the student section and to watch my other friends play,” senior Hannah Williams said. “It’s always a super fun time and the energy is electric.”

It is clear that the energy and enthusiasm shown at the game will only grow with each game. 

“I look forward to seeing them absolutely crush the competition and to support them every single game,” Williams said. 

The energy created by the student section is felt by the team, empowering them to play to the best of their abilities.

“During the game, the student section motivates us to do well.” senior and co-captain of the volleyball team Avery Demetree said. “I truly think the encouragement from them helps us a lot.”