Committed to Carolina


Photo provided by: Sofia Krstolic

Senior Sofia Krstolic poses in front of her house wearing her future college T-shirt. It was posted to her Instagram as the official announcement of her verbal commitment.

Trinidy Kev, Staff Reporter

Many student athletes struggle to get scouted in order to continue to play their sport at the collegiate level. However, this was not a problem for senior Sofia Krstolic, as she started to take swimming seriously at the age of 8 years old. Krstolic’s drive for swimming not only led her to become a crucial member of her team, but also created an abundance of opportunities for her future. Her hard work landed her an offer from the University of South Carolina, and on Aug. 30, Krstolic made a verbal commitment to pursue swimming at the University.

“I’ve always dreamt of swimming in college and was excited to make it a reality,” Krstolic said. “It felt amazing when I got my offer from University of South Carolina because all the hours of hard work in and out of the pool paid off.” 

Although verbal commitments are important, it does not mean that a student is fully committed to the University. Krstolic must now decide to sign a letter of intent, a physical commitment to continue swimming at South Carolina. This Nov., Krstolic plans to sign her letter of intent, completing her commitment process to the University.

Krstolic’s achievements extend beyond her athletic diligence; she shows great leadership and compassion outside of the pool as well. Many of Krstolic’s swim team members have been impacted by her presence on the team, and are excited for the new opportunities that have been presented to her.

“I love having her as a teammate, she was always there for me when I needed it,” said sophomore Hailey Denham. “She is kind and supportive and definitely a big part of my journey in swimming.”

Krstolic’s dedication and perseverance have served her well in high school, and have set her up to succeed at the collegiate level. Growth as a swimmer, teammate and individual, have generated a large amount of support from her peers regarding her success.