Bringing the islands to campus


Photo provided by: Amelia Galliford

Students attend the Caribbean Heritage club meetings to discuss their heritage. “It’s really powerful to see all these people come together,” club founder Melini Gosine said.

Amelia Galliford, Staff Reporter

This school year has brought many new clubs to the campus. One of which is the Caribbean Heritage club. The club meets every Tuesday in sponsor (and ESE teacher) Pamela Hodge’s room 5-008. The club strives to help people with Caribbean heritage make friends and feel welcomed.

“When I first came to Brantley, I never had a group of people with the same background or even similar,” senior and club president Melini Gosine said. “This just makes me so unbelievably happy to know I am helping to provide students with connections to their cultures and others, helping to emerge Brantley in more Caribbean and West Indian culture and make new friends.”

The club is working to provide an opportunity for students who take pride in their Caribbean heritage to socialize with and befriend others of similar culture. 

“I’m excited for people to come together and be with people with the same or similar backgrounds as them,” junior and club vice president Jay Newman said. “I think the Caribbean Club is good representation for kids who want to embrace their Caribbean culture and learn more about their heritage and others.”

The club plans on holding festivals which will be all about celebrating the island culture and meeting others with a Caribbean background. Additionally, the members intend to participate in the upcoming homecoming parade, where they will walk to represent the club.

“I think it’s cool,” junior club member Kymani Roye Donaldson said. “We’ll be adding something new. I cannot wait to get into all the activity and get to know everyone more and more each time.”

With great anticipation for the events of the coming year, the club hopes to make the campus feel more diverse and welcoming.

“I’m really excited for the fellow students to make new friends with people of their culture and it is something to look forward to,” Gosine said.