Mr. Worldwide brought the party to Orlando


Photo provided by: Ava Brooks

As part of his 2022 tour, Pitbull made a stop at the Amway Center causing many students to attend and experience the exhilaration that his shows are well known for. “When I saw that Pitbull was going on tour, I immediately bought the tickets with my friends,” Garcia said. “I had the best time with them because, even though some of my friends didn’t know all of the words to his less known songs, he made it so much fun the entire time. The atmosphere was electric.”

Makayla Martindale, Editor-in-Chief

Life of the party, ultimate hype man, famous rapper—Pitbull brought the fun to the Amway Center with Iggy Azalea on Oct. 16. After a successful tour in 2021, the 2022 Can’t Stop Us Now Tour kicked off on Jul. 28 in North Carolina and made its way to Orlando. 

Because many of his songs began going viral on TikTok, Mr. Worldwide gained a new fanbase. The younger generation of both hardcore Pitbull followers and those following the latest music trends on social media stirred excitement throughout the school, as many students looked forward to purchasing tickets.

“When I decided to see Pitbull, it was kind of spur of the moment, but I just really wanted to do something fun and I knew that he was going to have a really good show,” senior Ava Brooks said. “I have also never been to a concert before, so I knew that it was going to be a really cool first experience.”

After the song “Time of Our Lives” gained popularity, many people bought tickets to hear Pitbull’s iconic line and experience the line for themselves.

“My favorite part of the entire concert was when he sang ‘Time of Our Lives,” Brooks said. “It was what I had been looking forward to from the moment I bought the ticket because the line ‘everyday above ground is a great day, remember that’ resonates with my life everyday and I just felt connected to Pitbull when I heard him sing it live.”

Even though Pitbull has recently regained his popularity amongst newer generations of people, some have been listening to his music for over a decade.

“I have always loved Pitbull’s music,” senior Paula Garcia said. “I remember sitting in the car singing along to Pitbull when I was like six years old and since then, Pitbull has always been one of my favorite singers. I just feel like his music is always there to pump me up and it’s something that I know that I can fall back on when I don’t know what to listen to.”

Known for high-energy atmospheres, Pitbull certainly delivered, as he turned the Amway Center into a party.

“Everything that he did seemed like it was to make the audience have a good time,” junior Amber Vandendriessche said. “He sang songs that he knew the audience would know and Iggy really helped get the fans into the party mindset. We were also surrounded by people close to our age, which made it even more fun.”