Homecoming: more than just a game


Photo provided by: Tatiana Hanson

As the last home game for the 2022 football season, many spent the evening expressing their gratitude for memories made. “During the game, I was trying to soak in every moment,” senior and Homecoming Queen Carly Quinn said. “My mouth hurt from smiling. At the end, it was very emotional leaving the field for the last time.”

Nairie De Gregory, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 28, the Patriots kicked off homecoming weekend with a bang, crushing Centennial High School 47-26. The game was intense with emotions running high, especially considering it was also the final home game for the senior football players, cheerleaders, band and dance members. 

This game had one of the biggest turnouts of the season, as everyone from students to teachers and parents gathered to cheer on the Patriots. 

“Homecoming is always a fun event,” English teacher Katherine Jucker said.  “I love to hear about Homecoming from both my seniors and freshman. They both always give a unique response.  The entire week is filled with fun events which culminate in the game on Fri. night. I am a lover of football, but the LBHS band has a way of hyping the crowd. I love our band.”

Although the band was a major part in pumping up the homecoming game and significantly increasing the energy of the fans and players alike, the student section also played a primary role in making the game one of the best of the season.

“Everyone was very into the game and we were all connected by the energy everyone gave,” sophomore Tatiana Hanson said. “I was energetic through the whole game. I was excited to see how the players would play, and I was very happy we won and it made me even more excited for homecoming.”

Preceding the game, was the homecoming royalty announcements. King and Queen going to seniors Braxton Woodson and Carly Quinn, respectively.

“I was speechless at first,” Quinn said. “I received so much love and support from my friends and family. There were so many people cheering for us. I felt like a main character straight out of a teen movie.”

Homecoming is a special week for everyone. Whether it is dressing up for the spirit days, playing in Powderpuff, observing the homecoming parade or just watching football, there is something meaningful for everyone. 

“As a Lake Brantley alum, I appreciate homecoming more so than any other game because it is a true representation of the pride that comes with being a Patriot,” Jucker said.

The sense of community built throughout the season reached its peak during the game. With each play on the field, the student body became more united. Nearing the end of football season, students took the opportunity to reflect on memories shared in Tom Storey Field.

“This game was an emotional rollercoaster for me,” Quinn said. “I was on cloud nine until it hit me that this was our last home game, last performance, last drum circle [and] last time playing in the stands. I have enjoyed my time in the marching band and I am glad to end it with the best game ever.”