The bitterness of Florida winters


Photo provided by: Trinidy Kev

The sunshine state lives up to its name year round even during the winter season.

Trinidy Kev, Staff Reporter

Dec. 21 marks the first official day of winter, however this is hardly the case for those in Florida. For residents of the sunshine state, the traditional winter season is non-existent due to the absence of snow or temperature staying below 60 degrees. For many years, I have lived in Florida, each year, I am disappointed once again..

Anyone can put up Christmas lights, bake cookies and drink hot chocolate for common winter festivities, but the geographical location of Florida strips away the ability for people to make snowmen and have snowball fights, an element of winter that I find integral. I cannot imagine a child that gets excited for Florida winters,  when all the books and TV shows highlight the joys of rosy cheeks and snow angels.. My disdain for Florida winters grows every year as the temperatures get hotter and hotter. 

While the people in Times Square are shivering while waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve, people in Florida sweat through firework displays. It gets more disappointing each year as the citizens of Florida barely have cold weather. It saddens me to know that  many people living in Florida have never seen snow, and that it is considered normal. As someone who grew up in Massachusetts, it was painful adjusting to the winters of Florida. I miss my snow covered driveway, and being able to celebrate a “white Christmas”. Not to mention that the weather takes away from the New Year’s experience. Instead of huddling together in the cold, people distance themselves in order to stay cool.

Overall, the winters in Florida have been and will continue to be inferior to the winters up north.  Many people look forward to the snow falling and huddling next to each other to keep warm during the winters. However, those moments get taken away when experiencing a Flordian winter because the temperatures continue to stay high and there is never snow falling. All in all, winters will be Florida’s fatal flaw, though it is a wonderful place, its lack of seasons proves disappointing.