Girls weightlifting hits a strong stride


Photo provided by: Dean Stewart Photography

At a meet, senior lifter Mary Bonnett’s teammates watch on as she begins to lift. “I hope that by the end of the season I will be able to bench my bodyweight,” Bonnett said. “I also hope that I make it to regionals and that [the school] can get first at districts.”

Annaliese Long, Features/Entertainment/Opinions/News Editor

Since the start of their season in Nov., the girls weightlifting team has been riding a wave of team unity and excitement. Stocked with high hopes and an eagerness to succeed, the team is experiencing a hype like no other. 

With goals of having as many team lifters as possible make it to high level competitions such as regionals and states, the team is focusing on the hard work and dedication it takes to improve and advance in the sport. Despite a loss to Winter Springs early in the season, the team stayed motivated by recognizing their own improvement and staying determined to keep getting better. 

“Although we lost against [Winter Springs], it was a six point difference which is way better than last year, where they won by about 20 points,” senior Ava Brooks said. “Throughout the team there has been major progress and lots of hard work everyday put out at practice. Not many people are aware of this sport or even know that we have a great team, but if we can put our school’s name out there that would be amazing.”

With a unique practice structure that allows for more downtime, the girls have had ample opportunities to form tight bonds with one another. The sense of community brought out through this proved to be vital to the team’s success.

“Our team bond is really strong,” senior Mary Bonnett said. “Our practices aren’t structured like most other sports, so we have a lot more time to talk to each other and have good conversations. All the girls are really nice and encouraging.”

The team’s bond has helped them support each other in both the laid-back environments they find themselves in as well as the more competitive ones. 

“We cheer for each other at practices and in meets,” senior Amayah Knox said. “This is my first year on the team and I felt welcomed the second I walked into practice. My teammates keep this bond by continuing to support and cheer each other on.”