Girls soccer kicks the competition


Photo provided by: Abby Roberson

The girls varsity soccer team won 6-0 during senior night game against The Villages Charter School, in part because of their strong bond and emphasis on teamwork.

Abby Roberson, Staff Reporter

The girls varsity soccer team, composed of 18 elite players, have had a successful season so far. With talented members and close bonds between them, the girls have been able to win a plethora of matches. In order to be as successful as they are, members of the team dedicate ample time to hone their skills. Whether playing club or scrimmaging with their fellow teammates, the girls have many tactics to help their performances during matches.  

I make sure to get to the game earlier than we are supposed to and listen to music to get in the zone and take in the music,” senior Natalie Gutierrez said. “I also make sure to always greet everyone to hype them up for the game.”

A big part of playing soccer is mindset; being excited and hyped before a match is a great way to lead to a win. The ability to think like the opponents, with the additional tuning into a positive mindset to get prepared for the game, has allowed the girls to maintain an overall winning season; going 8-3-2 on the year. 

“I try to understand the other team and see who is the strongest,” freshman Summer Kaufman said. “Usually we warm up as a team until the whistle, so I try to get into the mindset on my way to the field to help prepare me and my team.”

Along with their devotion to game prep, the girls have also built a powerful bond between themselves. 

“Playing high school makes it feel like you have a family, not just a team,” Kaufman said. “It’s all very fun and everyone is connected.”

Their connectedness with each other extends off the field too, helping them create a strong front for their opponents. The girls spend time together outside of soccer practice as well, enjoying past parties and meals with each other. 

“The highlight of this soccer season was definitely our winning streak, as well as team breakfasts after early morning practices and pasta parties at our houses,” Gutierrez said. 

The girls’ bonds have led them to garner wins similar to their Jan. 12 senior night  match against The Villages Charter School, where the patriots won 6-0. During this game, the girls worked in sync with each other to bring home a win. 

“A big highlight is when we won 6-0 on senior night,” Kaufman said.  “Our seniors mean everything to the team and we love them. They really stepped up and played their best that night and everyone played great. As a freshman, I’ve never seen a senior night before and this one was amazing. The way Lake Brantley celebrated their seniors was so great and I can’t wait to see everyone on the team get their moment.”

As for the rest of the season, the girls predict a strong finale, following their two-year title-holding streak of district champions.

“I definitely believe we could win districts and hopefully go farther because we are a strong enough team to do it,” sophomore Kennedy Grono said.