Renovated and ready


Photo provided by: Jacob Stanley

With the upcoming 2023 softball season, the girls were surprised with a completely renovated clubhouse. “The biggest change was definitely the walls in the main room,” senior Bristin Bordeau said. “Being able to see those quotes and our logo on the wall makes me want to do well for the team and I just feel so blessed to have access to this clubhouse.”

Makayla Martindale, Editor-in-Chief

Following a 25-5 record with an appearance in the state championship during the 2022 spring season, the varsity softball team anticipates another successful year, as the program has continued to gain notoriety amongst the Patriot community, garnering higher levels of support than in previous years. By becoming significantly more recognized by students and staff alike, Head Coach Jacob Stanley has had the opportunity to invest in the girls both physically and mentally.

After being brought aboard last season, Stanley has consistently focused on improving the overall mentality of the team by spreading his high expectations and incorporating team bonding exercises into their practices, as well as conditioning the girls to be physically prepared for their games. In addition to many hours spent working with the team, one of the most impactful changes for the upcoming 2023 season has been the renovation of the program’s clubhouse. 

“Our clubhouse renovations included building a classroom for film and team meetings, adding a fully operational weight room and tearing down our batting cages to be rebuilt to be safer and stand taller,” Stanley said. “Our coaching staff felt like we had something at our disposal that not a lot of programs, or high school sports teams in general, have available to them. We felt this space was not being utilized to its full potential and we wanted to be sure that we put it to good use. After the season we had last year, the girls in our program deserved it. They deserved to see the result of their hard work.”

Taking the place of an old, decrepit indoor batting cage and locker rooms, weight-training equipment and cardio machines were brought in to provide the team with a space to effectively train their bodies to endure the long games, high temperatures and extensive season.

“My favorite renovation would have to be the weight room,” senior Bristin Bordeau said. “We started doing morning lifts in there and it is really going to help us to not only get strong, but prepare us unlike any other team out there.”

Along with having a unique advantage over other teams with regards to physical training facilities, the newly improved clubhouse features a bright atmosphere with the team motto “Detailed. Disciplined. Dedicated.” and inspirational quotes at the focal point. 

“The biggest renovation to me is definitely the newly painted walls with all of the quotes and our program’s achievements on it,” senior co-captain Kiley Strott said. “Just seeing all of it while we’re working out or having a team meeting is motivating.”

The large number of renovations took place through substantial effort and volunteer work provided by those interested in improving the program.

“In total the project has taken about two months,” Stanley said. “At one point, close to 30 parent volunteers were on site helping paint, build and move things around. Our families and players also contributed in a major way by raising the funds necessary to make the renovations possible.”

Looking to the upcoming season, Stanley and his fellow coaching staff believe that by providing the girls with a proper space to grow as athletes, the team will make a return to the state championship in May. 

“Our hope is that by proving we will go above and beyond for our players, they will respond by doing the same thing for us,” Stanley said. “The harder they work for us, the harder our coaching staff will work for them. These improvements have created a buzz in the air for the 2023 season that our entire program is excited about because they now have the tools necessary to prepare them for the road ahead.”