Paws what you’re doing and watch Lady and the Tramp


Photo provided by: Anna

Drawing of the spaghetti dinner scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Anna Wesley, Photo Editor

Lady and the Tramp can be considered a Disney classic. The original animation made its debut in 1955 and has had a lasting impact on the Disney universe ever since. So much so, that the magic makers at Disney decided to recreate the classic movie using their new live-action technology to make the cartoon cocker spaniels come to life. This is the fifth Disney live-action remake to come out this year. However, Lady and the Tramp is the first Disney remake to not hit the box office and instead be released solely on Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service.

The original heartwarming animation was not matched by the sweet cinematography of the remake. While the setting was wonderfully recreated in Savannah, Georgia and the dogs looked shockingly familiar, there was still something unsettling about an almost life-like dog talking about real world issues such as family altercations and falling in love at a young age. Overall, the scenes of the remake were delightfully detailed and full of sugary sweet moments between Lady and Tramp, but were also balanced out by the constant danger of the dog catcher that had set his sights on impounding Tramp.

Many may have noticed that the classic song sung by the Siamese cats in the original was not featured in the remake, but this was for the better. As time progressed, the song was found to be extremely offensive and replaced by the creators of the 2019 version. This was one of a few adjustments done to the movie in order to make the film more enjoyable for all audiences. Besides that, the music was relatively the same as the original, with refreshing new artists such as Janelle Monae and Kiersey Clemons, bringing the songs back to life.

Maybe due to the realness of the animals or the nostalgia that the film brings, the Lady and the Tramp remake is surprisingly sad, but makes up for it with a darling ending. Out of all the Disney remakes put out this year, Lady and the Tramp was the least anticipated, but turned out to not be disappointing.