Art Honor Society Paints the Way for Brantley on Broadway


Photo provided by: Aurora Jimenez Castro

The tradition of hand painting posters lives on. Despite the challenges and the vastness, the artists aim for dynamic posters. Much more interesting than watching paint dry.

Aurora Jimenez Castro, Entertainment Editor

Every year, National Art Honor Society is given one huge task; paint four, four feet by three feet canvases themed to Brantley on Broadway. This year Heathers, Waitress, Beauty and the Beast and Bring it On were all remade. Senior Zackary Dettmer led the club in outlining, working on the beginnings of what would become a “Beauty and the Beast” portrait. After the pencil outlines are finished, other artists tag team a canvas, using gobs of acrylic paint and colorful references to recreate the PlayBill feel. Brantley on Broadway is held between the 17th and 19th of April, but the club wants to get a head start. Alysha Cirino, President of National Art Honor Society, knows the consequences of a late start. “We are starting extra early this year, so we have the wiggle room to mess up.” Cirino said, “Last year we did a woman in red, it came off demonic, so we went over it completely in blue.”