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Aurora Jimenez Castro
Aurora Jimenez Castro has been on The Brantley Banner staff since 2018 and is the Senior Entertainment Editor. Her love for art began when she was a young child, when she constantly doodled in an attempt to decorate her bedroom. In her free time, she is often working on her own art, including oil paintings and building a portfolio. She also loves hip hop and R&B music and her favorite artist is Billie Eilish. She enjoys spending time volunteering at the Orlando Museum of Art, where she helps run summer camps and occasionally just stands and enjoys the art. In the near future, she hopes to attend the University of Florida after her time at Lake Brantley High School and wants to study political science and prelaw, with the possibility of attending law school after college. Her ultimate dream for the future is to live in a top story penthouse suite in Manhattan.

Aurora Jimenez Castro, Entertainment Editor

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Aurora Jimenez Castro