BETA Club: Here to help

Avery Ranum


Photo provided by: Avery Ranum

On Feb. 18, Beta Club members held a meeting in Roasanna Cal’s room. Students discussed what projects they wanted to work on next, and how they were going to achieve them. “Beta is an amazing club that really helps out in the community,” freshman and club president Melini Gostein said. “It is very rewarding to be a part of”.

Avery Ranum, Journalism 1 Reporter

On Tuesdays in room 7-114, students gather to hold a Beta meeting, which is a new club this year. The purpose of the club is to volunteer for the community and help the school.

“Goals are to have students experience awesome opportunities that will enrich their lives,” teacher and club sponsor Rosanna Cal said. “In multiple years, include, hopefully starting a house for Habitat for Humanity.”

The club made its debut at Club Night back in August but was not as popular as current and well-known clubs. At the first meeting, only five students showed up, and that number has only grown to about 10. However, the small size did not stop the club from doing what is set out to do.

“So far we’ve done two activities already,” freshman and club president Melini Gostein said. “We volunteered at PetSmart for adoption day and we’ve already started planning some of our events for the upcoming months.”

Now, Beta Club has an Instagram page and is registered under the official Beta Club website. It has requirements for future members and hopes to send out invitations. The club was even present at the annual Patriot Preview, where it was also introduced to rising freshman, some of which might already be familiar with it.

“I was in [Beta Club] last year in middle school,” freshman Riley Clayton said. “It was so much fun then, so I wanted to incorporate it into my high school years.”

When it comes down to it, Beta Club is a fun, new club with a bright future. It is a great way to help the community and the school.

“All of [Beta Club] is pretty amazing,” Gostein said. “I’d have to say that coming up with the wacky ideas for events is my favorite.”