Softball traditions


Photo provided by: Makayla Martindale

Varsity softball players Ella Christopher, Madison Conway, Valerie Beltre, Payden Bordeau, Katie Lazzopina, Kiley Strott, and Erin Schmutz are preparing for a game against Lake Howell by jamming out to Britney Spears in the locker room on Wednesday, February 19.

Makayla Martindale, Journalism 1 Reporter

Throughout the years, the varsity softball team has been full of moving pieces because of the ever-changing seniors, new captains, and annual modifications to the rulebook, but time and time again it can be seen that tradition will never die. Every season, the seniors pick a superstition for the team and it can be anything from a stuffed animal sitting on the bench to listening to certain types of music before a game.

“We have a toy dinosaur that is our mascot, pretty much, for every game,” Sophomore Ella Christopher said. “Every year we have to have something as our good luck charm. Last year we had a plastic boat that we would use every game instead of a dinosaur.”

Softball is notorious for its superstition, but the varsity team prepares for their upcoming games by jamming out to a specific type of music in the locker rooms. This acts as a way for the team to get in the mood to win.

“We listen to throwback songs, like Britney Spears, to get us pumped up for the games,” Christopher said.

Although the silly rituals may seem unrelated to the skill of the players, they typically give them a greater sense of self-efficacy when they are playing. This is because the way that the players on either team will play is undetermined, but the superstitions give them a feeling of control during the game and Christopher makes her adamance about having the good luck charms very clear.

“They are a good way to get us all united for the season,” Christopher said. “If we don’t have it, we won’t win.”