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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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Hulu’s “Fresh”, starring Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan, offers a devious plot in an interesting way. The Hulu original movie became available to watch on Mar. 4.

Hulu’s “Fresh” offers a fresh take on the rom-com and horror-thriller scene

Avery Ranum, Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2022

“I’m gonna sell your meat.” These are not the typical words one might want to hear while watching a romantic-comedy movie. Yet these are uttered to the protagonist in “Fresh,” which premiered...

A student listens to Karma off Taylor Swifts 10th studio album Midnights, released on Oct. 21, 2022. The album is already breaking records, with it becoming the most streamed album within its first 24 hours of release on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Taylor Swift’s Midnights: worth the late-night listen?

Avery Ranum, Editor-in-Chief October 26, 2022

In the classic fairy tale Cinderella, the strike of the clock at midnight symbolizes a momentous event as Cinderella finds herself racing against the clock to escape the ball and back to her mundane reality....

Debuting on Aug. 18, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been met with harsh backlash. Though many elements such as comedic relief and cameos are executed well in the show, many fans are continuing to show distaste for the ongoing Disney+ series.

Marvel’s “She-Hulk” battles mixed reviews

Julia Hubbell, Editor-In-Chief September 19, 2022

  Making its Disney Plus debut on Aug. 18, Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was met with mixed reviews. Following the story of attorney Jennifer Walters, the show puts a refreshing...

Exploring a solo career separate from his work as guitarist in the band The Internet, Lacy debuted his first EP “Steve Lacy’s Demo” back in 2017, which was followed up by a studio album called “Apollo XXI” in 2019, and a compilation album titled “The Lo-Fis” in 2020. “Gemini Rights” is his second studio album.

Gemini Rights: has it earned its rights?

Annaliese Long, Features/Entertainment/Opinions/News Editor September 14, 2022

In the ongoing saga that is Steve Lacy’s career, there has recently been a new installment. Preceded by singles Mercury, Bad Habit and Sunshine, Lacy’s album Gemini Rights was released on Fri., Jul....

The Iris K. Shim and Sandra Oh film, Umma highlighted generational trauma, as well as the relationships between mother and daughter.

Not becoming your “Umma”

Julia Moon, Editor in Chief March 31, 2022

Released on Mar.18, “Umma'' touched on elements of psychological and supernatural horror, using visual effects to make it difficult for viewers to know if the characters’ experiences were real or just...

Weird Tasting Food is back for a third season. Returning members Julia Moon and Brooke Holland are joined by a new addition, Anina Williams to take on eccentric foods of the world.

W.T.F: Coca-Cola Energy drink

Brooke Holland, Julia Moon, and Anina-Jeannette Williams February 15, 2022

Returning seniors Julia Moon and Brooke Holland are joined by new member and senior Anina Williams for a third season of Weird Tasting Foods. On this first episode, they taste the now discontinued Coca-Cola...

The main three cast members, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, reminisce about their time working on the film series.

Why I will not be watching “Return to Hogwarts” anytime soon

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor January 14, 2022

On Jan. 1, 2022, HBO released the film “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts”. Since it has been 20 years since the release of the first Harry Potter movie, cast members decided to get...

A recreation of Emily Marikos viral salmon rice bowl, this hack is a must try. It incorporates many different flavor combinations that work so well with this simple and quick meal.

Salmon rice bowl: hack or wack?

Anina-Jeannette Williams, Staff Reporter January 11, 2022

Tik Tok has been somewhat of a revolution for the younger generations as it has paved the way for communication to advance and spread. Many new ideas and creations are pulled from creators on the platform,...

“30” debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, with 839,000 copies sold in its first week. 692,000 of those copies were derived from non-streaming purchases. This makes “30” the most commercially successful album of 2021 so far.

Adele’s somber return

Annaliese Long, Staff Reporter December 9, 2021

Since the release of her third studio album, “25”, there was much mystery about when the arrival of Adele’s next project would be. A hefty six years later, the world was finally able to listen to...

Did Halloween actually kill?

Did Halloween actually “kill”?

Marcela Maya, Staff Reporter October 31, 2021

“Halloween Kills” picks up where its predecessor left off: 2018, on Halloween night, in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The town had a history of horror dueto being haunted by main villain, Michael...

Free viewers from the train wreck of “Free Guy”

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor September 14, 2021

In the world of steadily increasing theater premiers, “Free Guy” seems to welcome viewers with a sense of adventure and an ever-rarer originality. The movie, produced by 20th Century Fox, which is...

Review on Free Guy

Review on “Free Guy”

Faith Shimick and Julia Moon September 14, 2021

Ryan Reynolds features as the titular Guy, a banker who repeats his days over and over, as is his duty as a non-playable character, or NPC. Over the first 30 minutes, he discovers that the special ‘Sunglasses...

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