On the tennis court: Frans Louis Guinto


Photo provided by: Frans Louis Guinto

Junior Frans Louis Guinto takes a serve on the tennis court.

Julia Moon, News Editor

As a tennis player, junior Frans Louis Guinto’s philosophy is that practice leads to improvement. Playing on a court that tests both endurance and the player’s game strategy, the sport of tennis is not as easy as it seems. 

Along with playing for the girls’ Varsity tennis team as line one for singles and first doubles, Guinto also makes time for local tournaments within the state. Already planning to play in an upcoming singles tournament, she makes sure to learn and improve her skills before and after each match.

“I feel like tennis is very underrated,” Guinto said. “I’ve heard from multiple people that ‘tennis isn’t a real sport’ and they say this just because anyone is capable of hitting a ball and it’s not that hard if you just want to play for fun. But in reality I feel like it’s just as hard as any other sport out there.”

Like many other athletes, Guinto looks up to prominent figures. As someone who plays the sophisticated sport of tennis, having role models to follow after seems fitting in helping Guinto achieve her goals. From getting into the sport to learning specific tennis techniques, Guinto thinks highly of those who she looks up to.

“I look up to my dad,” Guinto said. “He learned how to play with only YouTube videos and he is really good. I admire how committed he was in learning the sport and becoming the best player he can without any external help.”

Along with admiring and taking pride in her father, Guinto also looks up to Swiss professional tennis player and three-time French Open champion Roger Federer. A fellow player of the sport, Guinto knows there is much to learn from one of the best in the world.

“My favorite tennis player has got to be Roger Federer,” Guinto said. “He is one of the greatest of all time and everything from his technique to his love for tennis and his other ambitions make me admire him and makes him one of my other role models.”

When playing opponents, Guinto is a skilled tennis athlete. By constantly setting goals to improve her skills in any match, she sets herself to ultimately become a better player. All that practice seems to have been effective in Guinto’s tennis game as well.

“Louis is a great tennis athlete being that she understands the game and how she can fundamentally win,” junior Isaac Abdelmessih said. “I’ve played her once before and personally speaking, she knows how to win. From her serve to her forehand motion, Louis truly is a better built tennis athlete.”