Research student’s create decorations for Homecoming door

Photo provided by: Shelby Brunson
AP Research teacher Tracy Fitzgerald and Assistant Principal Colleen Windt wear the fashion trends from the late ‘80s and ‘90s for Twisted Time Travel spirit day. Twisted Time Travel is one of the five spirit days of Homecoming week, the others being Neon Attack, Cowboys v.s Aliens, Spaced Out, and Patriot Pride.

Shelby Brunson, Editor-in-Chief

 This year’s Homecoming theme is “Out of this World”. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Homecoming Week is substantially different from previous years. Although many events were cancelled or changed to fit the current climate, some traditions remained the same. One of which being the door decoration contest. Teachers are decorating their classroom doors for the Homecoming week competition, where administrators will decide the winner based on whose door is most creative. On Nov. 3, AP Research teacher Tracy Fitzgerald had her second period class create stars that will be featured on her classroom door. Each star is unique to each student and shows a broad range of personalities.