Showing school spirit during homecoming week


Photo provided by: Nicholas Powers

Chorus teacher Nicholas Powers and drama teacher Chase Cashion show school spirit by dressing up for “Spaced Out!” day. Powers and Cashion are a staple on campus when it comes to school spirit days, consistently wearing over the top costumes and usually coordinating.

Kyra Martin, Staff Reporter

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A sea of students clad in costumes and vibrant colors across campus is present during spirit week. Spirit weeks are typically planned by the Student Government Association, where each day of the week is given a different theme for staff and students to dress up. The goal of these events is to promote school spirit, and what better week to do that than the one leading up to the annual Homecoming game, taking place Nov. 6 against Harmony High School.

The overall theme for homecoming was “Out of This World”, including dress up-days  like “cowboys vs. aliens” and “twisted time travel”. There is no question that a lot of planning and consideration goes into spirit weeks to make them fun for teachers and students alike. 

“The weeks and meetings we had leading up to homecoming week were spent discussing ideas for the spirit days, picking our theme, and planning the events that occurred during lunches,” junior and Leadership student Ella Broderson said. “Then, during class the week before homecoming, we created posters to promote homecoming and spirit days.”

Spirit days give students a unique chance to dress up and get creative with costumes to match the day’s theme, breaking up the monotony of normal school fashion. Many students enjoy making costumes or finding things around their house to emulate their favorite character or match with their friends. 

“My favorite part of spirit week would have to be dressing up and having different themes for each day,” sophomore Delaney Wharton said. “Specific to homecoming week, wearing my poodle skirt was my favorite part because I kind of felt like I was standing out from everyone else.” 

Spirit days even get teachers involved, dressing up in costume to show school pride and boost the spirit of their students. Chorus teacher Nicholas Powers dresses up for every spirit day pulling out all the stops, from face paint to wigs. 

“As soon as the Spirit Week list comes out I start thinking of possible outfits that I can make using things I own at home,” Powers said. “Then I try and think of outfits that are out of the box so my students will be on their toes seeing what I will wear and hopefully have a laugh at my over the top costumes.”

Spirit weeks ultimately bring the student body closer together. Dressing up in costumes with friends and teachers builds memories and connections, and of course, school spirit. 

“School can be a very serious place for so many students,” Powers said. “Spirit Week is a good way to break some of the tension and be silly. The more we can let loose, the more we will be connected to our home away from home .”