Spring pep rally


Photo provided by: Morgan Dickens

On Feb 21, School Administrator Brian Shafer cheered on as senior Anayansi Santiago won the three point basketball challenge. The spring pep rally held in the main gym introduced all the springs sports that were being played.

Jo'Tazshya Stephens, Staff Reporter

There are a multitude of spring sports including Track and Field, Lacrosse, Tennis, Water Polo and Volleyball. To introduce the sports, the final pep rally of the year was held in the main gym on Feb 20. In addition to introducing the sports, games and music were played, including one that would decide the winner of the first 2020 spirit stick.
Seniors and Master of Ceremonies (MC) Trey Langston and Emily Klingenberg hosted the pep rally. As they called out all the spring sports the students, cheerleaders, and dancers celebrated their various activities. Once all the students sat down, it was the Sparklers turn to show their talent and keep up the positive energy.
“Performing at pep rallies are fun,” senior and Sparkler McKenzie Gilbert said. “It’s a little nerve-racking knowing that people are looking at you all around but once the music starts it’s fine and fun. The best part for me is making eye contact with my friends while we’re dancing and we just start laughing.”
As the dance team left the floor, Langston and Klingenberg introduced the games of the rally, a balloon popping game and three point basketball challenge. For the balloon popping, each grade level had 60 seconds to pop as many balloons as they could using their bodies. The three point basketball game challenged each grade level as well as teachers, and had one person trying to make as many baskets as they could in two minutes. Seniors came out on top for both games with Anayasi Santiago sinking three point shots to a cheering crowd.
“Playing in the game was really exciting,” sophomore Kirolos Said said. “I enjoyed representing my class and even though we didn’t win, it was still a funny time.”
Once the games ended it was time for the music. Playing the Disney Channel shows theme songs, there was competition with each grade level to see who could finish the lyrics the loudest. Playing songs from shows such as, “Good Luck Charlie,” “Austin and Ally,” “The Proud Family,” and more the students happily sang along.
“Listening to the Disney Channel theme songs brought back so much nostalgia from when I was younger,” senior Alaijiah Buie said. “My favorite songs that they played were ‘The Proud Family’ and ‘Spongebob Squarepants’.”
As the pep rally came to an end, it was time to hand off the spirit stick to the loudest grade level. Principal Brian Blasewitz took the floor and asked for each grade level to scream and shout as loud as they could to see who deserved the spirit stick. Once again, the seniors took the victory.
“Even though this is my first year at Lake Brantley, I really like how the pep rally went,” Buie said. “The music they played kept me dancing and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends while watching everybody perform.”