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The casino-themed homecoming dance was a major accomplishment for the leadership class, as a large portion of the student body was happy with the choices made with regards to activities, food and music. “I was so shocked that they all loved it,” Leadership teacher Audra Greuel said. “When you’re going to have 1500 teenagers at a dance, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page of liking stuff, but we had kids, even for the entire next week, randomly coming up to Mrs. Moran and I and saying ‘thank you so much for putting on such a great event.’ We received all positive feedback, which is pretty shocking, but I kind of knew it was going really well because I was having a lot of fun at the event myself, so it was really exciting.”

Welcome to the Fabulous Lake Brantley: the dance

Makayla Martindale, Sports Editor November 23, 2021

The dance is arguably one of the most important aspects to homecoming week for students, as it is a time to get dressed up and hang out with peers. In years prior, homecoming had been earlier in the school...

Students play La Lotería at the Hispanic Heritage Festival on Friday, Oct 15. La Lotería is a game similar to bingo, but uses images instead of numbers, and is originally from Mexico.

Hispanic Heritage Festival

Friday, Oct. 15 featured a new lunch time activity: the Hispanic Heritage Month Festival. Organized by school clubs like Latinos in Action and the Spanish Honor Society, it had a wide range of activities...

Members of the Gay Straight Alliance marched in the parade at Come Out with Pride 2021. Students, teachers, parents and community members gathered on Oct. 10 at Lake Eola Park.

Gay-Straight-Alliance Club

Anina-Jeannette Williams, Staff Reporter September 28, 2021

As the 2021-2022 years kicks off, clubs and organizations are starting back up with much anticipation. One of these clubs is the Gay-Straight-Alliance (GSA), which is a club that hopes to make an impact...

Principal Brian Blasewitz subjects himself to an ice cream bath during the Rivalry Week lunch pepe rally on Sept. 10.Our victory over Lake Mary is going to be sweet tonight, Blasewitz said.

Lake Mary Pep Rally

Makayla Martindale, Sports Editor September 15, 2021

Rivalry Week is an annual spirit week that prepares the students for the football game against Lake Mary High School. Following tradition, the Leadership class set up a lunch pep rally on Friday, Sept....

Meeting in room 5-026, the Pre-Med Club gets together every other Monday. They focus on building members knowledge of medicine, with the goal of preparing them for future careers in the medical field. “I learn a lot through the activities we do, and just from being around the other members,” junior Abby Roberson said.

Pre-Med Club

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor September 14, 2021

The Pre-Med Club on campus meets every other Monday in sponsor and biology teacher Rachel Shaw’s room 5-026. Their goals are to dive into the world of medicine and allow members to test the waters of...

Kiera Moore sits in front of her collection of dice as she participates in an adventure at Friday, Sep. 2’s Dungeons & Dragons club meeting. “I’ve been playing D&D for about 4 years,” Moore said. “A friend of mine invited me to play because I bought her a D&D starter kit from Barnes and Noble.”

Dungeons & Dragons: an adventure from home

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor September 14, 2021

Every Friday from 2:30 to 3:30, Dungeons& Dragons players of all experience levels gather in English teacher Andrea Krajewski’s room, 5-208. For an hour, players sit with friends battling imaginary...

Senior and co-president Victoria Camposano welcomes students to French Club’s first meeting of the year on Friday, Sep. 3. Ideas such as French film nights and other club activities were shared.

French Club

Julia Moon, Editor in Chief September 14, 2021

On Friday, Sep. 3, after a few years of inactivity, the French Club and French National Honor Society are back on campus. Sponsored by AP French teacher Sandra Agathe and meeting every other Friday in...

Club night

Club night

September 14, 2021

Junior Rebecca Montanez attempts to catch a football at the Lunch Jam pep rally on Friday, Aug. 13. “We’re having so much fun and I love showing off my school spirit,” Montanez said. “To get involved, I go to the sports games, join clubs and participate in events like this. It brings everybody together.”

Lunch Jam: was it the jam?

As the new school year kicks off, school spirit is on the rise as popular events foster excitement in the student body. Whether students attended school virtually or on-campus last year, many seem eager...

On Apr. 22, sophomores Chloe Graham, Emma Pullin, Mayson Cooney, and Delaney Taylor enjoy their food during C lunch. The girls decided to sit indoors to eat their meals. “I like sitting inside because there’s no bees inside,” sophomore Chloe Graham said. “All the bees from outside used to eat my food, but now none of the bees eat my food.”

A full course production

Kyra Martin, Makayla Martindale, and Avery Ranum April 22, 2021

Lunch. It is an integral part of the day for most. Gathering around the table with like-minded individuals to escape the stress of the day, for some, can be the best part. From the lunchroom drama of North...

After the children are seated at their appropriate spots for lunch, the high school student-teachers go around to each of their assigned preschoolers to fill out a form regarding their day “We have a Sunshine Report where we have to ask them about their day and what they have been doing,” sophomore student-teacher Mayson Cooney said. “We also fill out a lunch form where we record what they are eating and how much of it. It’s important for their parents, so that their parents know what they did during the day, how much of their lunch that they ate, and what they need to pack or not pack in the future.”

Little Patriot Lunch

Makayla Martindale, Staff Reporter April 22, 2021

On Apr. 22, Early Childhood Education teacher Andrea Lesko and the high school student-teachers set up lunch for the preschoolers. The children are enrolled in the Little Patriots Preschool, which doubles...

Students from the first period Cosmetology class give each other manicures. They are practicing with acrylic nail tips and gel polish.

Hands-on hair and nails

Annaliese Long and Olivia Velazquez April 8, 2021

In the Cosmetology classroom, Janice Hunt teaches her students the best ways to take care of their appearance and hygiene. This class emphasizes the importance of taking care of your skin, hair, and nails...

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