A picturesque experience


During their trip to France, AP Art students were able to visit museums to view famous works, as well as view the artistry behind French architecture. “The buildings were amazing,” senior Cat Winter said. “It was great to see all the details up close.”

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor

While spring break usually consists of beach trips and sleeping in for the average high schooler, it was full of museums and exhibits for AP Art students. They were invited on a trip across France to explore the various aspects of such an artistic location. From sightseeing, to trying new food and observing the overall culture, art students were able to experience an incredible opportunity with their peers.

The trip was open to multiple AP Art classes, which allowed a variety of student artists to appreciate different art styles and mediums. AP Photography, AP 2D Art and AP 3D Art were able to travel together to admire museums, architecture and history behind the country.

“The purpose of the trip to France was to learn about all the different historical buildings and monuments that they have there,” junior Hannah Williams said. “We got to study the building design as well as take pictures for AP Photography.”

Some days were spent touring museums, while others were dedicated to architecture and sightseeing the landscapes. This created a rounded experience for students, being able to draw inspiration from  an array of diverse influences.

“The best activity for me was spending the day touring Versailles,” Johnson said. “Pictures do not do it justice and being there and seeing everything was so incredible. My breath was taken away every time I walked into a new room because it was so beautiful.”

  The official purpose may have been to view famous works of art, but for many students, this was a place to draw inspiration from. They were able to use this opportunity to create their own art while also appreciating others’.

“I loved going to different villages,” senior Cat Winter said. “It made visiting the country feel so real and inspiring.”

Some students found it overwhelming to see so much artistic influence, especially due to the fame associated with so many French works.

“It’s quite a strange feeling to see something in pictures your entire life and then see it in front of you,” junior Kylie Johnson said. “Driving by icons like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame felt so surreal.”

The overarching theme of this trip was variety. Different classes, works and styles heavily influenced each person. Due to being in different art classes, each student had a different take away from the trip.

“This trip made me have a deeper appreciation for art because I was able to see it in person,” Johnson said. “I could see every single brushstroke that went into the creation of those masterpieces.”