From CVS to Police Explorers


Photo provided by: Rose Gardner

Sophomore Rose Gardner is a member of the Police Explorers Program and currently holds the position of captain. “We are representing the sheriff’s office when we go out, like we’re in uniforms that you could honestly mistake for real law enforcement.,” Gardner said. “So, when we’re out there we have to make sure that we’re upholding the name for the sheriff’s office. Because there are so many people around this world that really bring a bad rap to law enforcement’s name. And so, when we’re out there dealing with people who are really, really frustrated or really angry, you have to be able to control yourself and de-escalate the situation. So, I think that has definitely benefited me working in the community and throughout the post.”

When Sophomore Rose Gardner strolled into a CVS with her dad late at night to buy medicine for her mom, little did she know that she would be introduced to the Police Explorers Program.

There was a female officer standing in line, checking out in front of Gardner. As Gardner moved up to purchase the medicine, she expressed to her dad how she wanted to be like the female officer when she grows up. Then, the eavesdropping cashier shouted, “That is so cool!” The next moment, the officer turned around and said, “Oh, you’re interested in law enforcement?” Gardner replied, “Yeah, I think so.” The female officer then suggested joining the Explorer’s Program, and Gardner’s journey began.

“The Police Explorers Program is an opportunity to really dive deep into the idea of law enforcement, and learn their goals and things that they strive for and the good things that they do for our community,” Gardner said. “You really just learn so so much in the program. Not just about law enforcement, but the world in general.”

In order to be eligible for this program, an applicant must be at least fourteen years old, enrolled at a college after their high school graduation, and obtain a GPA of 2.5 or above. Once accepted into the program, a new member will begin as a Youth Deputy and work his or her way to through strong work ethic, dedication, responsibility, and leadership qualities.

“She is the most determined person that I’ve ever met,” Chief Isabella Rivera said. “She always has all of her stuff in on time, and she’s always there for all of the people around her.”

Gardner recently got promoted, and is currently in the top three chain of command as Captain of her post. Gardner’s responsibilities include taking charge, running a squad, which is a group of six Explorers that are below her position, and serving as a communicator between the lower and upper chain of command. 

Rose has high intellect and makes good choices when it comes to her job,” Senior Advisor Keith Betham said. “Rose is approachable. Any of the Explorers that have problems and need to talk can go to Rose. She is a go-getter and does her job thoroughly and on time.”

Gardner devotes many hours to the Explorer Program. She serves her community by working in the parking lot for holiday events, operating a Christmas drive for families in need, serving food at sheriff events, and she even presented the flag at the governor’s dinner once!

“Public service is something that I’ve always aspired to get into and do well in,” Gardner said. “Being able to meet all these fresh minds and hearing their stories has been super cool. I really just wanna serve my community and do good for the world.”