Hands-on hair and nails

In the Cosmetology classroom, Janice Hunt teaches her students the best ways to take care of their appearance and hygiene. This class emphasizes the importance of taking care of your skin, hair, and nails in order to boost confidence and overall wellness. The class also does vocational training and allows students to learn cosmetology skills so that they will seem more put-together and appealing for job interviews and business meetings.

When students have the class, they will either be doing hands-on activities, taking notes, completing bookwork, or practicing job application skills for real salons (listing previous experience and contact information such as addresses and phone numbers). The class is meant to prepare students for potential cosmetology-related jobs and part-time work they may engage in later on in their lives. The class environment is modeled after a real salon, with each of the students setting up their own stations and relying on each other for conversation and teamwork.