Rainbow Kitten Surprise: surprisingly amazing


Photo provided by: Abby Roberson

Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s performance in Nashville, Tennessee was accompanied by exquisite light and stage components. As an avid fan, this concert was better than I ever could have imagined.

Abby Roberson, Staff Reporter

Formed in Boone, North Carolina, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, a growing alternative band, has quickly accumulated popularity among music gurus globally. With mesmerizing vocals and instrumental components, Rainbow Kitten Surprise— also referred to as “RKS”— provides a wide range of music that captivates the listeners of any genre preferences. On Dec. 11, RKS held a concert at a small venue in Nashville, Tennessee. Being an avid RKS listener, I did what any die-hard fan would do: I bought a concert ticket and flew over 600 miles to attend their show. 

Upon arrival at the music venue, I waited in line for around an hour before the concert attendees were allowed into their designated admission destinations. Blessed with the general admission tickets that my mom had bought us, I stood on the floor level only feet away from the stage. 

After the performance of Twen, the opening band of the night, excitement within the audience grew. Eventually, the headlights over the venue dimmed and spastic spotlights pinpointed the members of RKS on stage. Beginning the concert with their song “All That and More (Sailboat)”, RKS set the mood for a night filled with energy. The crowd going wild, hands waving in the air and people dancing, the night unfolded with exhilarating songs performed by the band. 

Playing their hit songs “It’s Called: Freefall”, “Work Out”, along with new pieces in the works, Rainbow Kitten Surprise did an amazing job performing their music. Additionally, the music was not the only thing that brought the night to life. The lightwork and lasers that were put into the show were absolutely stunning and separated their performance from any other concert that I have attended. The way the light fixtures were choreographed in accordance to the music left me in awe. 

While every song performed throughout the night left me spellbound, Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s performance of their songs “Lady Lie” and “Work Out”  transcended me. “Lady Lie” was the song that glued me to RKS, their performance of the song made me fall in love with the band all over. Lead singer Elo Melo’s voice throughout the song was so pure and whole I could feel her words. During the bridge in Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s song “Work Out”, extravagant lights flashed throughout the venue and bass blasted throughout the concrete ground. I could feel the music in my veins, it radiated throughout my body. The way the light and music worked together throughout this song was unmatched by anything I have ever experienced. 

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, growing quickly in popularity, has absolutely captivated me. Not only is their music perfect for blaring through the speakers of my car and headphones, but the band’s ability to perform is moving. I would gladly travel another 600 miles to experience their live performance again.