Patriot Preview

Photo provided by: Madalyn Propst
Before inviting the incoming freshman class on Feb. 8, cheerleaders got ready for their Patriot Preview Performance. “The team I performed with was our gameday competition team and we performed at this to try to make the incoming students excited to go to Brantley,” senior Kiley Johnson said. “Our performance went well and we got a lot of energy from the people attending, which was cool.”

On Feb. 8, the school held a welcome event for the incoming freshmen class. Patriot Preview featured performances from a variety of group on campus including drumline, dance, chorus and the step team. Additionally, clubs and sports were able to advertise benefits of joining, in hopes of recruiting new members. This event provides insight into all the opportunities available to rising freshmen, striving to show the inviting atmosphere enjoyed by the Patriot community.