The Addams Family: a terrifyingly good time


Photo provided by: Madalyn Propst

The Addams open the show in the campy macabre piece “Meet the Addams”. The song features short solos for each of the main Addams family members and a backing filled with an ensemble of ghostly ancestors.

Madalyn Propst, Staff Reporter

On Thursday Apr. 13, the Patriot Players celebrated the opening night of The Addams Family Musical, starring Nolan Phillips [Gomez Addams], Amoriyah (Esme) Robinson [Morticia Addams], and Julianna Suarez / Victoria Crichton [Wednesday Addams]. The show welcomed audience members into the gothic world of the Addams family, showing the family reacting to the oldest child Wednesday falling in love with someone who doesn’t quite fit in with the family’s macabre nature. The musical came with an extra challenge this year because, along with the stress that comes with opening a new show, high stakes were created for the department as it was the debut musical for new theatre instructor and Patriot Players director, Cathryn Rinaldi. After a successful showing of Hamlet earlier in the year, expectations would be high for Rinaldi going into a musical, especially one which is as technically demanding as The Addams Family. However, with a combination of a fantastic cast, a hard working crew, and of course a new professional director, the musical went off without a hitch. Getting used to a new director can be tough, but the Patriot Players knocked it out of the graveyard with this year’s musical. Students and staff can hope that next year’s shows will live up to the new high expectations that the troupe has set for themselves.