Class of ’24 steps up

Madalyn Propst, Staff Reporter

On May.16  the Class of 2024 participated in the long honored tradition of Senior Step-Up day. The tradition occurs once the graduating class leaves campus for the last time, then the next year seniors celebrate the unofficial start of their last year with personalized crowns. Each student participating decorates a Burger King Crown with reminders of the last three years they’ve spent in high school, and with what they plan to do the upcoming year. Most people will include symbols of their sports, music notes, and favorite colors to show off their passions and of course the word Senior in bold. They are also asked to wear their newly made Senior class shirts, making each new senior easy to spot in a crowd. Senior step up day is overall a right of passage for the new Senior Class with students sometimes planning out crowns as far back as Freshman year. Now with the finish line in sight, Class of 2024 is ready to step it up and make the most of their Senior Year.