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Student Body President and Vice President Ike Schiller and Tess Trimble along with Ms. Audra Greuel showing their school spirit wearing their Beat Lake Mary t-shirts.

Ike Schiller: Student Body President

Erin Huguenin, Staff Reporter
November 18, 2020
Arwady gets ready to participate in a Civil War reenactment on Oct. 5, 2019. “[My favorite war to reenact] is the Civil War because it’s an important shift in our country’s history,” Arwady said.

Reliving history: Brandon Arwady

Yelena Tighiouart, Copy Editor
November 5, 2020
This week’s project was to make a paper-plate portrait of themselves. Students start this project by gathering materials to mather their hair color, eye color, as well as blending colors to match their skin tone.

Early childhood gets crafty

Julia Hubbell, Staff Reporter
November 1, 2020
Senior Ethan Jorgensen poses for his official picture as a Poole. Ethan is registered to begin training for the marines but has yet to start the 13 week training.

Profile story: Ethan Jorgensen

Angelina Jonkaitis, Entertainment Editor
October 22, 2020
Featured here is Kendall’s Depop, the platform on which she sells her earrings. As of September 22 she features all these earrings for sale to the public,  with custom orders available.

Kendall Beck Earrings

Rylee Malloy, Staff Reporter
October 11, 2020
Sophomore Chelsea Faller has used her time at home to learn new techniques and determine what suits her style. She has been working with new shading methods in her most recent drawings. “I’ve always wanted to try new methods, and now I finally can,” Faller said.

Passed time and pastimes

Julia Hubbell, Staff Reporter
September 29, 2020
Artists pick: Thai Kev

Artists pick: Thai Kev

Anisa Velazquez, Features editor
April 3, 2020

Band Show on the Road!

Angelina Jonkaitis, Staff Reporter
March 11, 2020
Students gathered at Camp Wewa, because of English teacher Peggy Leis, showed unity and their love for one another. “Camp let me be me and talk about how I felt,” freshman Chris Gillon said. “It built a trust between people and I that I never thought would happen.”

Camp Wewa

Camryn Hoyt, Journalism 1 Reporter
March 9, 2020
On Feb 21, School Administrator Brian Shafer cheered on as senior Anayansi Santiago won the three point basketball challenge. The spring pep rally held in the main gym introduced all the springs sports that were being played.

Spring pep rally

Jo'Tazshya Stephens, Staff Reporter
March 6, 2020
Students in Peggy Leis’s 7th period English Honors class prepare for community circle.  “It gives me great feedback about what their learning and also what their needs are,” Leis said. “It gives me an idea of how I can reach them better”.

English community circle

Avery Ranum, Journalism 1 Reporter
February 17, 2020
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